Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Genetically Altered Salmon May Hit Store Shelves Near You

Genetically altered salmon vs regular salmon at the same age. Source: AP/AquaBounty.com

Scientists have created genetically altered salmon that grows twice as fast as normal. Supposedly, the "creators" of this "frankenfish," say the Salmon is safe to eat.

Do you believe them?

As we speak, testing is being conducted by the FDA to see if their claims are true.

If the FDA gives the okay, you can expect some 5 star frankenfish at a local grocery store near you. However, it will take about 2 years to get to market.

It's alive! It's Alive!

Does the idea of eating Frankenstein fish sound delicious? I'm sure some of you would love to give it a taste. I don't know if I would...

Most of the FDA pencil pushers have agreed that the fish is safe to eat. Do I believe them yet? No.

Critics of the fish claim that it could cause allergies in humans, and possibly make regular salmon go extinct. In addition, how do we know how healthy the Salmon will be after years of breeding?

How was it created?
Growth hormone was taken from a Chinook salmon and added to frankenfish's DNA. To ensure the year long production of growth hormone, scientists added a gene from an ocean pout (an eel-like fish, Zoarces americanus). The ocean pout gives the salmon a good boost of growth hormone to make it keep putting on weight.

If this thing gets approved, I imagine that other genetically altered crap will start making its way to store shelves as well. The door will be wide open. I say we close it for now. What do you think?

I think I lost my appetite.

Should Genetically altered Salmon be on your store's shelf? Would you eat it?

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