Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Live Camera Of Aurora Borealis

Aurora over calgary, Canada
Aurora over Calgary, AB Canada. Source: Qyd
Want to see a beautiful aurora borealis but don't live anywhere near one? You're in luck!

Thanks to the CSA (Canadian Space Agency) anyone with internet access can now view live pictures of Canada's northern lights! The cameras broadcast live pictures from a aurora borealis from the area around the city of Yellowknife. They begin to stream after the sun sets.

The $70,000 project is intended to be used as an educational outlet to study the sun and its affects on the Earth. With the solar maximum coming to a peak in 2013, the frequency of the northern lights will soon be much higher.

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Since the solar maximum is on its way,  the potential for global danger is also much higher. Read the post: The Solar Storm That May End It All In 2013 to learn more. It basically gives you an idea of the damage a massive solar storm could do to our planet.

If you don't want to sit around and wait to see the beautiful lights. Astronomy North , a partner of the project, offers a notification system via Twitter ( to notify you when an aurora is about to happen. When they detect that an aurora is about to occur, they send you a tweet to give you a heads up. Pretty cool.

To catch a live glimpse of the aurora borealis simply go the project's website AuroraMax. Remember the camera only turns on after the sun goes down, so you may need to be patient. It's well worth the wait though!

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