TimeHuman is a blog written by Simon Gallings. Simon is an independant researcher/writer interested in the amazing and awesome aspects of science. From science that will enable humans to become immortal to unknown science such as paranormal phenomena. Simon even dabbles into subjects like gaming, new technology, science fiction, virtual reality, animal behavior, weird creatures, UFO's, and more. TimeHuman will take you on a journey that will fascinate as well as inform you of all of this universe's greatest abilities.

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Simon Gallings: thetimehuman@gmail.com

Behind TimeHuman

Simon Gallings is an independent researcher, writer, blogger, gamer, and a lover of all that is science. He lives in San Francisco with his two cats, a dog, and a goldfish named Kaku. Simon has lived on this planet for only 36 years, but he hopes to live long enough to experience life without a physical body. Bring on the singularity.

Gabriel Alexander is the founder of TimeHuman. Sadly, he no longer contributes to this blog, but from time to time he pops in to give some advice.