Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Humanoid Robot 'Core' In Development

The humanoid Core robot.
The latest thing in humanoid robot technology is being developed by the guys from Japan's Chiba Institute of Technology. This robot, named "Core," can carry roughly 220 pounds
(100 kg)-- is 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs in at 507 pounds (230 kg). It can also absorb 80% of its own floor impact to help it walk smoothly.

The model is a prototype of what they hope to develop into a robot that can carry disabled people and be of some help in a work environment.

Core strikes me as being very similar to the humanoid robots in the movies Avatar and Alien. And almost resembles one of those walkers on Star Wars.

I strongly feel this technology is the first step in that kind of direction. I know "Core" is only legs right now, but when this thing gets mastered, they will only keep developing it further. Eventually, I think something like this will be the foundation for humanoid robotics in the future. Let's just hope the Military doesn't get a hold of this. If that happens, we may all be screwed. Skynet (hint hint).

Eh, we probably don't need to be taking it that extreme quite yet. The guys at Chiba say "Core" should be ready in a couple years. So we have some time before we need to panic...

Watch this video to see "Core" in motion.

Okay, on second thought... maybe we should start panicking?

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