Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Guy Makes $1,000 Mecha Walker Halloween Costume

What would you do if you had an extra $1,000 laying around? Would you spend it on booze?  Would you spend it on dirty magazines?

How about spending it on creating the coolest robot Halloween costume ever!

That's exactly what DrWormsie did for Halloween this year (2010). He spent countless hours and over 1 grand to create the robot costume of his dreams. He also created a little accompanying costume for his wife. I bet every child in the world wishes this couple was their parents!

I hope the amount of candy he received from trick or treating made up for the effort he put into this!

The costs of materials he used:
"Sheet metal, aircraft aluminum, and other parts: $600.
Rivets, bolts, hardware: $250.
Tool purchases/rentals: $200.
Spraypaint: $90.
Truck rental to carry costume: $210.
Hours: 250+.
Looking like you could take down a tank: priceless."

Some photos of him and his wife in their costumes

Watch him take the robot costume for a stroll


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