Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Toshiba Releasing 3D TV's That Don't Require Glasses

Toshiba's 12 inch glasses-free 3D TV. Credit: Toshiba

At around the end of December, 2010, Toshiba will release special 3D TV's that wont require any glasses. The 3D technology comes as one of the world's first.

From Toshiba's news release:
"The new 3D TVs with no need for glasses employ an integral imaging system and a perpendicular lenticular sheet to display smooth, natural images, and Toshiba's image processing technology to create nine parallax images from the original content and create to 3D images. The result is precise rendering of high quality 3D images whatever the viewing angle within the viewing zone. "

2 different sizes will be available for purchase (in Japan). A 12 inch model will cost you $1,450 and the 20 inch will cost you $2,900. They certainly aren't cheap but at least you can ditch those stupid glasses.

Is the price tag worth not wearing glasses? Probably not. Okay... absolutely not.

And the size of them is pretty laughable don't you think? Who buys 20 inch TV's anymore? Heck, my Kindle is bigger than that! Okay not really, but you get the point.

However, I bet once they get the smaller sets on the market, bigger sets will become available. But if a 20 inch is almost 3 thousand dollars, how much will a 55 inch be? A million?

I guess when they release bigger models and the price drops to a reasonable amount, it will all come down to the quality of the 3D images. If they are good, that's when I may consider purchasing one.

A step in the right direction
Even with my criticism I still give a salute to Toshiba for developing the TV's. It's definitely a step in the right direction!

If you want to get down and dirty with all of the details--read Toshiba's news release.

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