Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Test Your Own Asteroid Collision With Impact: Earth

Have you ever wanted to send an asteroid on a collision course with planet Earth? Well, now you can--thanks to Purdue University. Yay!

Impact: Earth - is a virtual asteroid simulator that can launch asteroids hurling towards this dear planet and calculate the aftermath. Will Earth be completely destroyed with a humpback whale sized asteroid traveling at a velocity of 41 miles a second? Try it for yourself and see!

The program lets you edit the size, velocity, density, angle, and impact site material of your own personal asteroid. After your asteroid collides with Earth, the program will then take you to the impact effects screen that will show you the amount of energy it produced, damage, and other goodies.

It's very easy to understand as well. Simply choose the size of your asteroid or pick from many listed sizes from school bus to humpback whale. Next, add some density, adjust the angle, set the velocity, pick the impact material and boom! Watch your own virtual Earth get smashed to smithereens!

Blow up your own virtual Earth, visit the site:  Impact: Earth

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