Sunday, November 07, 2010

The Futuristic See-through Fireplace 'Solaris' By Heat & Glo

The Solaris, made by Heat & Glo, is a futuristic, see-through gas fireplace with a design that will leave you in awe. Using Heat & Glo's Razor burner the fireplace has an appearance of a levitating flame running down it's center.

It is the world's thinnest fireplace and has specialized venting and shallow depth that allows it to be installed on almost any wall in your home. And since it's so thin, it can be seen on either side of the wall. That's why it is "see-through". So cool.

The Solaris comes in two different models, the Solaris 36-ST and the Solaris 36-MR. The 36-MR is by far my favorite because it comes with LED lighting and mirrored glass that gives it a look of endlessness.

The 36-ST model is basically the same thing as the 36-MR except it doesn't come with the mirrored glass and LED's. Either one is beautiful and will absolutely be the star piece of any home.

Watch this video for more information

Grab your Solaris Fireplace for a price starting at $11,999. Christmas present anyone?

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