Monday, September 20, 2010

Video Of A Dog's Head Kept Alive Without A Body

Can you stay alive without a body? Back in the 1920s, Russians were doing all kinds of crazy experiments. One of those experiments was trying to keep a dog's severed head alive without a body.

Russian scientist Sergey Sergeyevich Bryukhonenkowas was behind all of the madness. His research in experimental surgery led to the first open heart surgery in Russian in 1957. He also developed the autojektor (a heart and lung machine), which he supposedly used on canines to keep heads alive.

Don't believe it? Watch the video below...

The first part of the video goes through an animation on how the process works. There is something like a pump that pumps blood and oxygen to the brain, keeping it alive. There is controversy over whether this film is real or fake. The original film comes from a soviet documentary called Experiments in the Revival of Organisms (1940). Some skeptics claim it could have easily been produced with special effects and was probably created for propaganda.

 If it's real or not, it's still an awesome video. Watch it and see what you think.

I have always thought that this was science fiction until I saw the video. Now, if they could do this way back in the 1920s or whatever. What can they do today? It's kinda scary isn't it?

The X-Files: I Want to Believe (Single-Disc Edition)The idea sparked in my mind that this could be possible from watching the movie The X-Files: I Want to Believe. The whole movie is about body transplantation. It's not the best movie but it still caught my imagination.

What do you think? Is this video real? Is keeping a head alive without a body possible?

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