Friday, July 02, 2010

Most Fascinating News Of The Month: June 2010

 Here are the most fascinating news headlines for the month of June 2010. Enjoy!
Antimatter Like Particles Discovered Deep Inside Earth - Scientists have discovered antimatter like particles deep under the Earth's surface. The particles that were discovered are called geoneutrinos. Geoneutrinos are lightweight, neutrally charged particles, that are the antimatter counterparts of neutrinos.

Scientist Claims Humans Will Become Extinct In 100 Years - Overpopulation, food shortages, climate change, and future wars over food. Are we already at the point of no return? According to 95 year old Professor Frank Fenner, we are.
"We're going to become extinct. Whatever we do now is too late." He said in an interview with The Australian.

The Solar Storm That May End It All In 2013 - In the next few years, NASA has predicted that solar storms may get so intense that it could utterly end all electronic technology known to man. Essentially, knocking us all back the the pioneer days!

Possible Life On Saturn's Moon Titan Found - Scientists are speculating that there could be possible life on Saturn's moon Titan. They have found strange chemical activity that could lead to evidence of alien life.

Life On Mars Possible Researchers Say - Researchers have discovered methane-eating bacteria in a spring in Canada's extreme North. Located on Axel Heiberg island the spring is called the Lost Hammer spring and could be very similar to springs that have existed on Mars.

Dinosaur Found In Mexico Has Horns 4 Feet Long - A brand spanking new species of dinosaur was found in Mexico recently. The horns on this raging beast get up to 4 feet long.