Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How to Track the ISS Online

The International Space StationWant to know how to track the real-time location of the International Space Station ?

Depending on your location around the globe, the International Space Station may be visible or it may not be. I was outside the other day and saw it as a tiny dot flying around. To the contrary, others could see it as a pea sized object traveling across the sky, depending on your location or elevation on the planet.

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How do you get a glimpse of the International Space Station? How do you know where it's going to be?

When I heard that the ISS was going to be up to 5 times more visible over the past weekend, I went searching around the web to see how I could track the location of the ISS. I discovered a few good websites but the one the best one listed below.

Track the International Space Station online: this site gives you real time orbital tracking of the International Space Station in a very easy and understandable layout. I used this website for my brief viewing of the space station and confirmed that the website is accurate. There are a few other good websites out there, though, I found this one to be the simplest one. Take a look for yourself and maybe tonight you can get a peek of it yourself!

Photo credit: NASA/courtesy of