Monday, December 20, 2010

Total Lunar Eclipse Will Be Live Streaming Via NASA!

(Mr. Eclipse/Fred Espenak)
Remember that tonight is the night! The night of the lunar eclipse! If you are feeling the anxiety of the possibility of bad weather hindering your view, you can hang out with NASA and thousands of others as they catch a glimpse of this special event via live streaming video on their website. So rest assured that NASA will save the day! Thanks NASA!

If you find that clouds are getting in your way of this magnificent event, watch the live streaming video of the lunar eclipse here -

Tell your friends!

Update: Due to weather conditions many camera's are blocked by clouds. Don't fear because I found a cam where the skies are clear! Enjoy! Another cam that works can be found here

While your waiting:
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If the weather is good in your area and you get to catch some pictures, I'd love to post them! Send them to my email when they are ready.