Monday, September 27, 2010

This Robot Can Wash Your Hair While Squeezing Out Your Brains

The hair washing robot by Panasonic. Credit: Panasonic
You wake up one morning to find out that your local barber is on vacation. You look in the mirror. You brush your teeth. You look in the mirror again. You say, "wow, I look like shit, my hair is nasty!"

The only problem is... no barber = no nothing.

You make one last phone call to the same barber hoping that he/she will miraculously be back from vacation.

This time, you do get an answer.

It's Panasonic's hair washing robot! That's right, it's a robot that can wash your hair! Finally we can rejoice for the world is now whole! Like washing your hair has been such a hassle for centuries. Ha!

The robot comes with a nice reclining chair. It has 16 mechatronic (human-like) fingers that can rinse and gently wash your hair. It has the ability to personally memorize user data, meaning it will remember you. The 2 arms that will scan a 3D image of your head will make sure it doesn't squeeze out your brains. No worries.

The robot was designed to help ease the burden on health care workers. Since many patients can't always be attended to, for like shampooing and such. The robot will provide those services so health care workers won't have too. It's all about making life better for the elderly and disabled. I guess in Japan, they have a hard time keeping up with the requests from in need patients. One little mistake and out goes the dentures!

I'm not sure if humanity's robot technology is good enough to take care of the elderly. The elderly deserve the nurturing of real people. Not robots. That's my opinion.

To dye or not to die. That is the question...

Source: Engadget

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